Courtney Sees Her First Ghost


I am always a little apprehensive the night before I speak at a paranormal convention. Friday, August 20th, the night before the 2010 Ohio Paranormal Convention, was no exception. You see, I’ve been speaking at these sort of venues for many years now. Along the way, I’ve become known as “the guy the paranormal community doesn’t know what to do with”. That’s because, while I take what I do very seriously, I also understand that in order to be successful in this field, one has to have a sense of humor. So I’m not afraid to poke fun of the paranormal field, including myself. Plus, I spend a lot of time rambling on about homemade roller coasters, pickled fingers in jars, and whether or not Paul McCartney is dead. Some people get me, others don’t. James and Brian, the two guys running the convention, definitely get me, which is why they asked me back after my 2009 presentation. But whenever I agree to speak at a “paranormal” event, I can’t help but think that people want to hear about serious research. Still, the way I see it, people are usually paying money to come to these conventions, so they should be entertained and walk away feeling they got something for their hard-earned money. Even so, my presentations have resulted in more than a few blank stares from audience members. Which is why there’s always a bit of anxiety building up inside of me before a convention as I pondered whether or not the audience will “get me”. Of course, on this particular Friday night, the anxiety levels were particularly high as Steph and I had decided that this convention would be Courtney’s first.

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