Random Strange & Spooky Image: Reid Hall Door Knob


Door knob from the reportedly haunted (and now demolished) Reid Hall on the Miami University campus in Oxford, Ohio.

As if I needed any additional proof that my marriage to Steph was meant to be, consider this little paranormal fact: Steph and her entire family have lived for many years in Oxford, Ohio. In fact, her parents still call Oxford home. Why is this such a big deal? Well, Oxford, Ohio, is also home to one of my favorite ghostly legends, the Oxford Motorcycle Ghost. And at one point, a building with a spooky and bloody past used to stand a short drive (or a brisk walk by my father-in-law, Steve) from the Flee family homestead. That building? Reid Hall on the campus of Miami University.

Reid Hall’s bloody past began on the evening of May 9th, 1959, when RA Roger Sayles attempted to break up a fight inside the building. First-hand accounts of the event are sketchy, but at some point, one of the assailants drew a gun and shot Sayles. The shooter fled to Ogden Hall and subsequently committed suicide with the same gun he used to shoot Sayles. As for Sayles, he eventually succumbed to his wounds and did not survive the night. But not before, according to legend, falling against one of the dorm room doors, leaving behind two bloody handprints. Handprints that were supposed to have remained visible on the door despite numerous attempts to scrub them away.

In addition, strange activity involving ghostly footsteps and doors opening and closing on their own were reported shortly after Sayles death. This activity was said to be being caused by Sayles’ ghost. Reports continued until Reid Hall was slated for demolition and students were moved out of the building beginning in 2006.

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