What Magical Spell Did Ghost Adventures Cast Over Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery?


Many times, I’ve whined about the fact that even though my blog is approaching 10,000 views this year alone, very few readers feel the need to leave comments. But here’s one post I’m really hoping people respond to, especially since it concerns a question I don’t have an answer to. To put it bluntly, I can’t figure out how the heck Ghost Adventures managed to get permission to investigate inside Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery at night.

Ghost Adventures in the woods near Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery –via the Travel Channel

For the uninitiated, Bachelor’s Grove is an abandoned cemetery located on the Southwest side of Chicago. Early records are sketchy at best, but it is believed that the first burials were in 1844. For many years, the cemetery, which sits within the Rubio Woods Forest Preserve, could only be reached by a small road that wound its way through the woods. When the road closed down, the woods would have all but swallowed up the cemetery, had it not been for the teenagers who started making their way out there to do a bit of legend tripping. By the 1960s, the cemetery had already begun to fall victim to vandals…and the ghost stories were not far behind.

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Blanchester, Ohio Added to October Appearances


–via YouTube

A last-minute addition to my October schedule, but one that I am very excited about. Although it’s been a few years since The Ghosts of Ohio has visited Blanchester, seems that they still love us down there! So we’ll be returning this October the 15th, for a free presentation at the Blanchester Public Library, beginning at 7:00 pm.

I’ll be bringing along all sorts of spooky video, audio, and photographs that we’ve collected during our 13+ years investigating ghosts and haunted locations in the state of Ohio. I’ll even have some of the infamous “ghost-hunting equipment” that you see on these reality ghost shows, so you’ll get the chance to try them out and see how they work for yourself.

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Behold the Power of Hug Me Jesus


A little over two years after the demise of the infamous Ohio roadside oddity, Big Butter Jesus, the Solid Rock Church has erected its replacement. Locals have already begun referring to the statue as the Hug Me Jesus.

Apparently, Jesus will even welcome highway speeders with open arms. (via Fox 19)

I will be the first to admit that the finished  product is certainly something to behold. The weird thing to me is that Cincinnati’ Fox19 was out there as the statue was being installed and they chose to post some very bizarre photographs.

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This October, Take A Peek Inside The Strange & Spooky Museum


Running a distant second behind requests for more information about the tokoloshe are e-mails asking me where one can go to see the contents of my Strange & Spooky Museum. Up until now, the answer has always been “nowhere”. But all that’s going to change beginning October 1st, 2012.

To the uninitiated, my Strange & Spooky Museum is a collection of odd things I have collected over the many years traveling across the United States in search of all things strange and spooky. And when I say “odd things”, I mean it!

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Ohio Bigfoot Video Is So Fake, It’s Not Even From Ohio!


I have been a fan of the Huffington Post’s Weird News for a long time. As someone who’s addicted to all things strange and spooky, how could I not be? Huffington Post consistently puts up articles on everything from ghosts and monsters to alien encounters and the occasional conspiracy theory. Some of it gets way out there, even for someone like me. But all in all, a wonderful mixed bag of weirdness that I devour on an almost-daily basis. But in late August, Huffington Post released an article and video that first had me scratching my head and now seems to have angered a lot of people.

The August 23rd article, which can be read here, was entitled Bigfoot Encounter in Grand River Ohio and discussed a video posted on YouTube. The article doesn’t go into many specifics and basically just repeats the information in the video’s description. But that description says the video, which was posted by HowTo101, is of a Bigfoot-like creature that ran across the road in front of an unknown person riding some sort of recreational vehicle through the woods “in the Grand River area of northeast Ohio”. The article states that the video was shot in April of 2012.

Bigfootless screen grab from the original YouTube clip

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ONW: Attack Of The Columbus Pissing Bandit!


On Wednesday, September 12th, Northeast Columbus resident Sandra Barber called police to report that someone had left a bottle filled with urine in her mailbox. And while it was the first time she’s found a bottle of urine in her mailbox, the event marked the 7th time bottles of urine had been left on her property. Police arrived, but said they were powerless to do anything unless the Pissing Bandit was caught “in the act”. In the meantime, Barber said she was going to keep the urine-filled bottles “as evidence.”

Then, a mere 4 days after the initial story ran, the Pissing Bandit was at it again! Wasting no time, WSYX / ABC 6 sent its crack team of reporters into action to get to the bottom of this. In their report, it’s clear that they left so stone unturned in their attempt to bring the Pissing Bandit to justice. See for yourself:

The segment, which aired on September 17th, began with an overhead view of the area, supplied by Bing, so that concerned citizens everywhere could be on alert.

The map was followed quickly by an establishing shot of a closeup on a bottle of bubble bath. Plumeria-scented bubble bath, to be exact. Apparently, this innocent-looking bottle was used as the delivery system for the Pissing Bandit’s latest caper.

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ONW: This Ohio Cat’s Out Of (And In) The Bag


Earlier this September, Ethel Maze of Circleville was preparing for her annual trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Maze, who runs the Maze Residential Care Home, was making this trip with 18 disabled veterans. As they were all hopping aboard for the trip to the airport, the group’s designated “Bag Handler”, Mike Groleau, mentioned to Maze that he saw one of her bags wiggling. He didn’t seem concerned about it, so Maze thought nothing of it, either.

Over 10 hours later, Maze was safely inside her hotel room. Anxious to get the festivities underway, she left the room without even opening her suitcase. It would be several more hours before Maze returned to her room and popped open her suitcase for the first time. And that’s when she found, nestled among her personal items, her 10-month-old cat, Bob-Bob (a cat so nice they apparently named him twice).

Bob-Bob The Cat
–from Jacob Langston/Orlando Sentinel

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Live Updates from a Haunted House this Saturday!


This went over so well last time that I’ve decided to give it another whirl!

This Saturday, September 15th, I will be conducting a ghost hunt inside a haunted location in Ohio. Since this location will be featured in an upcoming book of mine, I can’t tell you exactly where I’ll be. But what I can do is give you live updates via Twitter and Facebook so you can get a glimpse inside my strange and spooky world!

For my live Facebook updates, “like” my author page by clicking here.

You can also follow my tweets on Twitter by clicking here.

Better yet, why don’t you like me on Facebook AND follow me on Twitter! That way, you won’t miss any of the action!

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Tokoloshe Swings Both Ways?


Just when you thought the legend of the Tokoloshe couldn’t get any weirder comes an article from the Daily Sun, South Africa’s biggest daily newspaper.

According to the article, 51-year-old Isaac Malope is claiming that, for some time now, a tokoloshe has been creeping into Malope’s bedroom and having its way with him. All this takes place on a nightly basis while Malone’s wife, Constance Mazibuko, sleeps peacefully beside him.

Malope described the event to reporters as follows: “Every night he (the tokoloshe) comes between me and my wife and rapes me over and over. When he leaves, I no longer have energy for my wife and even if I try to get an erection, nothing happens.”

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