Ghosts In Oxford, Ohio? Yes, Please!


Have I told you lately how much I love my inquisitive fans?


Not sure when the article hit online, but this morning’s edition of the Oxford Press carried an interview I did with them about my upcoming appearance in Oxford on Sunday, October 29th. The article was entitled “Ghosts In Oxford? Author To Share Spooky Stories Sunday.” However, as many of you are pointing out via your e-mails to me, the article does not mention a single ghost story associated with Oxford, leaving you all wondering if I will be talking about Oxford ghosts or not.

The short answer is “yes”, I will most certainly be talking about some of the more popular Oxford-area ghost stories and legends. Not to give everything away, but some of the stories will include:

  • Reid Hall–I was given permission to conduct an overnight investigation inside the building prior to it being torn down
  • Ronald Tammen disappearance–does his ghost still remain where his dorm room once stood?
  • The Oxford Rider–my personal encounters with the mysterious “ghost light”

Oh yeah, and if you’re looking for more than just ghosts, there will be plenty of giant roadside oddities, mummified cats, and pickled fingers to go around. And if you’re really nice to me, you might get to see the infamous Blue Flash video. No promises, though!

If you’re interested in coming to this event, click here to reserve your tickets. If there are any left, they will be available for purchase at the door the day of the event. But I wouldn’t chance it if I were you as there’s only a couple of seats left!

Click here to read the Oxford Press article in its entirety.


A Sure Sign Halloween’s Coming (And That My Wife Really Loves Me)


Words can’t express how surprised and happy I was when, after a long day at the office, I opened my car door to find a bunch of General Mills Monster cereals strapped in the passenger seat, waiting for me!


My lovely wife just happened to be in the right place at the right time (aka: the right Target at the right time) and managed to score all 5 cereals. To the uninitiated, beginning in the 1970s, General Mills introduced a total of 5 Monster cereals; Franken Berry, Count Chocula, Boo Berry, Frute Brute, and Yummy Mummy. Over the years, the cereals began to all but disappear from grocery store shelves. Eventually, Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy would be discontinued altogether, while your only chance of getting Franken Berry, Count Chocula, and/or Boo Berry would be to wait for Halloween and hope one of your local stores stocked them with the rest of the seasonal stuff. As someone who spent the vast majority of his misspent youth chowing down on Boo Berry cereal and slurping up the blue milk it left behind, it became my Halloween tradition to buy as many boxes as I could find in hopes of getting me through October. It usually worked. Chances are, if you’ve seen one of my more “animated” presentations in October, it was fueled by Boo Berry cereal.

2013 marks a special year for the Monster cereals as for the first time in several decades, all five original monsters are back together again! I wasn’t aware of this until a box of Yummy Mummy showed up in my kitchen (again courtesy of my lovely wife). She found that box, sitting all alone and sad, at a local grocery store. If you compare the picture of it (below) with the one in the group shot (above), you’ll see that they’re obviously different. Apparently, Target stores are carrying the Monster cereals in their original “retro” boxes while other stores are using the newer boxes.


Either way, it was truly a magical experience for me to spend a Saturday morning with my 3-year-old daughter, lying in bed together, munching on Yummy Mummy and watching cartoons. That was until the moment when Courtney began to feel the full effect of those “spooky-fun marshmallows” (aka: “sugar blobs”) and began laughing hysterically for no apparent reason, chasing the cats around the house, and bouncing on the bed while screaming out “no more monkeys jumping on the bed”. Good times. Needless to say, Courtney has now officially dubbed it the “crazy cereal.”

So if you’re a fan of the Monster cereals, if the barren shelves my wife described to me are any indication, you need to go grab your boxes NOW. And if you’ve never had a bowl before, why not give them a try? But if you do, here’s a bit of advice from a self-confessed Monster cereal addict: no matter which cereal you get, let it sit a couple of minutes in the bowl of milk before digging in. Trust me, you (and the roof of your mouth) will thank me later!


Read more about the return of Yummy Mummy & Frute Brute here.

ONW: Ghost In OSU Students’ Apartment Turns Out To Be A Real Person Secretly Living In The Basement


As if I needed any more proof that the living are a lot creepier than the dead.

According to an article in The Ohio State University‘s newspaper, The Lantern, students sharing an apartment on 13th Avenue had started joking with each other and friends that their place was haunted. I mean, how else could you explain the kitchen cabinets opening on their own? And what about all the weird noises coming from behind the locked utility room door in the basement?


Down these stairs and around the corner lies the Haunted Utility Room
–from Gawker

Turns out there wasn’t anything paranormal going on after all. Although what was going on could hardly be considered “normal”. That’s because when maintenance workers broke the lock on the “utility room” door and took a peek inside, they didn’t find any ghosts. Instead, they found what appeared to be the living quarters of a young man who had been secretly squatting there, unbeknownst to all the other (legal) residents of the apartment.


The unhaunted apartment on 13th Avenue, complete with stranger living in basement
–from The Lantern

Other than the name “Jeremy”, not much else was known about this mysterious man, although he is believed to be a student at OSU. Regardless, he seemed enough at home in his secret hideaway that he had decorated it with pictures of himself with friends and family members.

“Jeremy” was evicted from the apartment via a note left behind on the basement door, but he was able to go in and retrieve his belongings. Where Jeremy went is anyone’s guess, but now that he’s gone and the current residents are contemplating lawsuits against the realty company, everything appears back to normal once again.


Read the original article from The Lantern (video, too) by clicking here.

Additional information can be found at Gawker. Click here to check it out.

Voices Of The Weird: I’m Bulletproof

“You can’t punch me. I’m bulletproof.”
                                –Young man inside an Oxford, Ohio Kroger
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