New Addition To The Strange & Spooky Museum: Loveland Frog Action Figure


So I recently moved my wife and daughter from the hustle and bustle of Columbus to a more rural setting. We love it, although there are some things that take getting used to. Deer that refuse to move out of the middle of the road, for example. Or the mailman. That’s right, the mailman.

See, unlike our former mailman, who would stop their truck and chat with us, our current mail carrier apparently doesn’t like to stop. Or even slow down, for that matter. He’s like that mail guy from the movie, Funny Farm (which features a writer moving his family to a new house in the country. Coincidence?):

Steph is convinced our mail guy does actually stop from time to time, but she’s basing that solely on the handwritten, ransom note-like “give me money” pieces of paper we sometimes find stuffed in our mail box. Since the notes were always scrawled on plain white paper, we initially thought it was some sort of bizarre form of extortion. Turns out it was our mailman’s way of letting us know the United States Postal Service won’t forward “book rate” packages from your old address to the new one. At least not for free, anyway.

Needless to say, when Steph told me she had bought something cool for me and it was shipping from Japan, neither one of us thought it would actually make it to our house. But lo and behold, after only one cryptic note in our mailbox, a phone call to the post office, and then a trip down to the local branch, Steph presented me with the latest addition to The Strange & Spooky Museum: A Loveland Frog action figure!


The picture above was taken from the Japanese manufacturer’s website, which shows that this figure is actually part of a 12-figure series featuring monsters from around the world. For now, I’ve decided to keep mine in the original packaging. I made my decision partly because it’s from Japan and I have no idea of the value of this thing or how rare it is. I mean, it does seem pretty random that of all the cryptozoological beasts in the world, the Loveland Frog (or “Frogman”, as the box refers to him) would rank in the top 12.

My other reason for keeping it in the box is because I can’t figure out how I’m supposed to open it! I think I can figure it out, but the directions for opening it are in Japanese and it appears that it has to be done a certain way in order to create some sort of diorama to display your figure in.


So there you have it; a genuine Loveland Frog(man) action figure from Japan! Feel free to visit him at his new home in the Bizarre Beasts wing of The Strange & Spooky Museum.


Photo From My September 29th Miami University Presentation


Photos have started popping up from my fall 2013 presentation tour. This one is from my standing-room-only appearance at Miami University on September 29th, 2013.


If you’ve got some photos you’d like to share, feel free to e-mail them to

My Q&A Article From Findlay Times


Taken from the October 2013 issue of Findlay Times. It’s from the group that publishes Tiffin Times, so they used the same photos and layout for this article as they did for the Tiffin Times one. The content is totally unique, though, as it’s a different interview.

And yes, you can click on the images to view/read them in hi-res.

FINDLY_20131001 18-page-001

FINDLY_20131001 19-page-001

My Interview With Tiffin Life Magazine


2-page article from the October 2013 edition of Tiffin Life, featuring your favorite strange and spooky guy!

Click on the images to view/read them in hi-res.

TIFFIN_20131001 18-page-001

TIFFIN_20131001 19-page-001

The Sweetest Form Of Bribery


Recently, while I was getting ready for my presentation at the Hancock County Parks, I was approached by blogger Ben Gillig and his lovely wife, Erin, who said they were going to attempt to bribe me into giving an interview forĀ The Ben Gillig Experience, on

I was about to tell them that I didn’t need to be bribed and would be more than happy to talk with them after the presentation. But that’s when I saw what they were intending to bribe me with: 2 full boxes of the General Mills’ Monster cereals!

Needless to say, I quickly snatched the boxes and agreed to do the interview. But not before I got Ben and Erin to autograph both boxes for me so that I could give them a permanent home in my Strange & Spooky Museum. And by that, I mean the boxes themselves. The cereal itself didn’t last the weekend. In fact, some of it didn’t even survive the ride home from Findlay!DSC02516

To read the kind of interview 2 boxes of Monster cereal will get you, click here and read all about it on Ben’s blog.