Open Season On Bigfoot


Over the past few days, I’ve received a number of Bigfoot-related e-mails from people who had visited this blog o’ mine. And while I’d like to think it’s because people think of me as somewhat knowledgeable when it comes to Bigfoot, I’m fairly certain the majority did a search for Cum For Bigfoot and landed here accidentally.

Either way, most of the e-mails ask for my opinion on the latest Bigfoot news making the rounds. Specifically, a man’s claim that he shot and killed a Bigfoot and is planning on taking it on tour. People want to know if I think it’s real. That’s an easy one to answer:

No, it’s not real. I’m 100% certain it’s a hoax, and a pathetic one at that.

How can I be so certain? Put it this way; the man in question is named Rick Dyer and he’s been pulling this stupid stuff since at least 2008, when he came forward with pretty much the same story; that he had shot and killed a Bigfoot. Dyer would eventually admit that it was all a hoax. In fact, type his name and “hoax” into a search engine and you’ll find that since 2008, Dyer has been involved with numerous Bigfoot hoaxes and scams. He was even an integral part of the controversial ending to the documentary (or is it a mockumentary?), Shooting Bigfoot.


I should probably note here that with the exception of the movie, I’m not going to provide links to anything associated with Mr. Dyer. I don’t want him to enjoy even a single click of fame because of me. I just want him to go away. Now.

My anger towards Dyer is two-fold. First, while I’m not convinced Bigfoot exists, I am friends with a number of people who are certain he/she/it does. Granted, a few of these friends are a bit “out there”, but by and large, most are rational, everyday people who believe in Bigfoot simply because they want him/her/it to exist. In other words, they don’t want to believe that all of Earth’s mysteries have already been revealed to us.

As someone who chases after ghosts, I totally get where they are coming from. And for me, Dyer is doing the same thing to the Bigfoot community that certain ghost groups and reality shows have been consistently doing to the ghost hunting community for years now. Namely, lumping all “weirdos” together and reducing us down to a collective brainless blob for the rest of the world to mock, ridicule, and poke with sticks.

The second issue I have with Dyer is that he is part of a disturbing trend I’m noticing in the Bigfoot community; the literal hunting of Bigfoot in order to kill it and produce a body to finally prove its existence. Don’t worry, this is not going to turn into an anti-gun diatribe. But allow me to prove a point by showing this still from Shooting Bigfoot, showing Mr. Dyer hunting Bigfoot:


–still from the trailer for Shooting Bigfoot

Now I’m no hunter. I do have several family members and friends who are, though, so I was able to view the aforementioned picture and quickly spot a few very subtle differences between Bigfoot hunting and regular hunting. Like the fact that Dyer’s hunting in the middle of the night. Or that he’s half-naked.

In all seriousness, if you do a search for “Bigfoot Hunting”, some of the pictures that pop up are of people marching into the woods with firearms. And what will these hunters be looking to get a shot off at? Something big and hairy that’s walking around in the woods on two legs. Guess what? I just described half of my fan base to you (I would have also included myself in there, but I’m not that tall. Although maybe I could pass for a short, portly Bigfoot).

Here’s my point: Rick Dyer is attempting to make a name for himself by claiming he shot and killed a Bigfoot. Even when his hoax is finally realized (and it will be), if enough people have already come to believe him, there’s a pretty good chance they’re going to pick up firearms and head into the woods to try to make themselves famous by shooting a Bigfoot themselves. Let that sink in for a minute: people are going to be trying to shoot and kill a mythical creature that we don’t even know for certain exists. I mean, all these years we still haven’t been able to get Bigfoot to stand still long enough for us to get a decent picture of him/her/it. But we somehow think we’re going to be able to get close enough to him/her/it to be able to take a shot?

Something else to consider: If you’ve ever been on any type of paranormal “hunt” (ghosts, UFOs, cryptids), you know what usually happens after about 8-10 hours: boredom sets in. When it does, some people have been known to get a little bit antsy and restless. A few have even start jumping at shadows, seeing ghosts and monsters around every corner. It’s almost like their minds and bodies are telling them “dude, you’ve been at this long enough. I’m bored. Time for a little action.” In those cases, people usually start waving around their EMF and K-II meters, not guns.

When it gets to the point where typical “suiting up for a Bigfoot hunt” includes making sure you have enough ammo, that’s when I’m really, really going to be hoping Bigfoot exists and that there’s a whole mess of them out there. Because if they don’t exist, the only other creature that is going to be walking around in the woods on two legs is human. Before you know it, we’re going to be shooting at each other and claiming “I thought it was a Bigfoot.”

Sound too far-fetched? It’s already starting. We just haven’t gotten to the point where we’re aiming at each other. Yet.

So, please go away, Rick Dyer. Your 15 minutes were up years ago.


ONW: Meet The Critter Cap Bandit



OK, I realize this guy had a gun. But really, how menacing can one think they are when they are wearing that on their head? it’s not like he was going to blend in, either. And dude, look behind you; it’s called a hood. Every good bandit knows that if you’re going to rob a bank and go Old School, you use a red bandana. Otherwise, you go with the hood. Or at least an ill-fitting mustache and dark sunglasses.

But whatever the reason, this guy chose to don an ill-fitting Critter Cap, march into the Chase Bank on East Main Street in Bexley on the morning of January 7th, and demand cash. It’s unknown if the man’s headwear or his gun startled the teller more, but the bandit managed to escape the bank and is still at large. Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 614-461-TIPS, e-mail a tip to, or text a tip to “CRIMES”, using the keyword CMH.


NBC 4’s complete article, including how you can collect a sweet reward if you help catch this guy (with or without the hat, I’m assuming), can be found here.

Voices Of The Weird: Spooky-Spooky

“Man, that’s spooky. (pause) Spooky. (pause) Whoa, spooky. (pause) Spooky, man, spooky. (pause) Man, spooky-spooky. (pause) Oh, that’s spooky. (pause) Man, I got one word for you, man, about all this; scary.”
                                –Middle-aged man waiting in line at a North Columbus convenience store
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His Foot Isn’t The Only Thing That’s Big!


Recently, I was updating my Currently Reading list on GoodReads (are you my Friend yet? You should be. ) when I stumbled across this little gem of a book cover:


After some nervous giggling and a quick glance over my shoulder to make sure Steph wasn’t currently monitoring my Internet activity, I clicked on the cover to find out more. Honestly, I was looking for the punchline. I mean, this had to be a joke, right? Wrong!

Not only is the book for real, but it is part of a 16-book series entitled The Monster Sex Series. That’s right; 16 books! And yes, you read that correctly: monster sex.

These books, all self-published, have become so popular that they are being bundled together into anthologies and are even available as audiobooks. So popular, in fact, that they have become part of their very own genre: Cryptozoological Erotica. Books entering this genre focus on trysts between willing humans and everything from Bigfoot and mermen to extraterrestrials and leprechauns.

The Bigfoot books eventually found their way onto Amazon, although not before the series was renamed Moan For Bigfoot.

screen shot 2013-12-20 at 10.58.09 am

Many of the individual books in the series, as well as the anthologies, are lurking rather high on Amazon, both as downloads and traditional print purchases. That’s what frightens me the most about all this; there are people out there who feel the need to read not just one, but multiple books about having sex with Bigfoot. If it were just one book, I could probably dismiss it as nothing more than curiosity. But 16 books?

It’s like I always say: I’m more afraid of the living than the dead.


Business Insider ran a great article about the Moan For Bigfoot series, including Amazon’s position regarding the growing trend of “sex fantasy” books being put up for sale on their site. Click here to read the article.

Does Smithsonian Magazine Believe That Paul Is Dead?


Not sure, but they did devote a couple of pages of their Beatles In America: The 50th Anniversary magazine to the rumor that Paul McCartney was dead.


They even asked me to scan and send them a photo of my copy of Paul McCartney: The Great Hoax from The Paul McCartney Death Clues section of The Strange & Spooky Museum.

McCartney Dead Magazine

The magazine came out last month and is available at select booksellers. Click here if you want a copy for your Kindle.

The Top 10 Strange And Spooky Of 2013


Happy new year!

One of the things I enjoy doing on New Year’s Day is looking back at the stats for my blog. I really get a kick out of seeing not only what people were typing into search engines to end up here, but also which stories were the most popular. For the most part, stats for particular pages will be really high right out of the gate and then decline over time as it becomes “old news”. Same with the search terms. Still, for every random The Tokoloshe He Eat My Dog, there were several terms and phrases that kept popping up time and time again.

So here they are (in reverse order to build suspense): The Top 10 Search Terms for 2013:

10.    Mothman
Over 1,000 people landed on my site searching for Mothman, which is interesting to me since apart from a   couple of mentions of my appearing at various Mothman Festivals over the years and the Mothman Plush in my Museum, I don’t have that much stuff on my blog about Mothman.
9.     Eggshelland
Still can’t believe that Eggshelland is gone. 
8.     Paul Is Dead
Since this conspiracy is well over 40 years old, it makes me smile to see that so many people are still intrigued with it!
7.     Ghost Sightings
With all my strange and spooky stuff, good to know people still come to me for what started it all: ghosts.  
6.     Strange And Spooky World
There was a huge number of hits from this term in October, no doubt caused by my presentations and public appearances. 
5.     Amanda Berry
When the whole Amanda Berry/Sylvia Browne thing blew up, I couldn’t keep up with all the hits to my site. It died down shortly afterwards, only to spike again when Browne passed away later in November of 2013. 
4.     What Is A Tokoloshe
I’m still asking myself that very question!
3.     Fiji Mermaid
I get at least 5 e-mails a month from people asking me if the mermaid I have in my museum is real. I simply tell them I can see it sitting on my shelf, so of course it’s real!
2.     Tokoloshe
To be honest, I was a little surprised this wasn’t #1. And it wasn’t even close.
1.     Big Butter Jesus 
Guess it doesn’t matter if you call him Touchdown Jesus, Cream Cheese Jesus, Terminator Jesus, or even the 5-Dollar Footlong Jesus. Folks just can’t get enough of that giant weird statue alongside I-75 North.

So what were the top 10 stories/posts from 2013? Glad you asked! BTW, you can click on them if you need to do a little catchup reading.

10.  The Final Eggshelland


9.    Roadside Oddities

Centralia Road

8.    The Museum

Ghost Town Assayer Office

7.    My Books


6.    The Boy With The Boot

boy with boot figure stamp

5.    The Paul McCartney Death Clues

OPP Badge

4.    ONW: In 2004, Sylvia Browne Told Amanda Berry Mother Her Daughter Was “Not Alive


3.    My Strange & Spooky World Is Coming To Oxford, Ohio


2.    What Magical Spell Did Ghost Adventures Cast Over Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery?

--via the Travel Channel

1.    Behold the Power of Hug Me Jesus

Apparently, Jesus will even welcome highway speeders with open arms. (via Fox 19)

And there you have it. Happy 2014! Hope it is a strange and spooky one!