Tokoloshe Keeps Family From Watching Their Favorite Soap Opera


Of course, it might help if they at least turned the TV on –via Daily Sun

OK, this Tokoloshe has clearly gone too far!

According to the Daily Sun, a Tokoloshe is preventing a 54-year-old Limpopo woman and her family from watching their favorite soap, Generations: The Legacy. That’s because every night at 8:00 pm, just as they are sitting down to watch the show, a Tokoloshe knocks on the door, demanding entry to “satisfy his daily craving for sex.”

Once the Tokoloshe has gotten inside the house, he chases the woman “to the bedroom and has sex with her until midnight.” As for the other members of the household–a husband and several grandchildren–it’s unclear what they are doing during this 4-hour attack, but the one thing they are not doing is watching Generations: The Legacy.

“We have not watched the soapie in a very long time, thanks to this Tokoloshe”, the unidentified woman said. In fact, she goes on to say they haven’t seen an episode in months.

The result of all this is that the woman’s husband “is complaining” and the family has begun consulting with various clergy members to see how they may be able to rid themselves of the Tokoloshe…or at the very least, get him to change his calling hours.

Read the entire Daily Sun article here.


I’ll Be Tweeting Live From Inside Twin City Opera House This Friday Night


People really seemed to enjoy this when I did it in the past, so here we go again!

This Friday night, April 17th, I will be taking part in a ghost hunt at the Twin City Opera House in McConnelsville, Ohio, with my organization, The Ghosts Of Ohio. The plan is for me to tweet out live updates, photos, and videos all night long. Depending on how the night progresses, I would like to field questions from my Followers, especially since, in the past, I got good results when I asked my psychic friends to tweet me where they felt I should go in the building in order to encounter a ghost. Fun stuff!

The hunt officially begins at 10:00 pm, but I plan on giving you updates from the minute Ol’ Blue’s packed and ready to roll Friday afternoon until my tired a** pulls back into the driveway somewhere around 6:00 am Saturday morning.

Here’s a link to my twitter account so you can give me a Follow and get locked in for all the strange and spooky fun! Who knows, we might even get this hashtag to trend!  #GOOtwincityoperahouse

I Might Not Rock, But Some People Still Think I’m Cool


Zak Bagans rocks!!!! You do not rock!
–anonymous e-mail I received after reviewing an episode of Ghost Adventures for The Ghosts of Ohio Newsletter

Over a decade ago, I bumped into a beautiful woman named Stephanie who, for reasons known only to her, decided to join me on my strange and spooky adventures (she also foolishly agreed to marry me, giving “strange and spooky adventures” a whole new meaning).

Looking back, we probably should have checked that Face Painter’s credentials BEFORE we agreed to be test subjects

I can still remember our first spooky excursion as if it were only yesterday: We decided to check out the ghostly legends associated with Cedar Hill Cemetery in Newark, Ohio. In fact, if you own a copy of Weird Ohio, turn to the Cedar Hill Cemetery story and you’ll see I even managed to capture that memorable day in photographs–that’s Steph with her ear to the door of the Baker mausoleum, listening for ghostly cries.

Not long after that day, Steph started uttering what has become something of a catch phrase of hers when we’re out on adventures: “I’ll wait here.” Usually, I’d hear these words if I pulled up to some spooky location in the middle of the night…in the middle of nowhere. But truth be told, my journey has taken me to some pretty sketchy locations that are spooky in broad daylight. And by that, I don’t mean that I’m trespassing or breaking any laws. It’s just that some of these places tend to be located in areas where, at any minute, you’d expect to hear banjo music off in the distance. Oh yeah, and there’s usually all sorts of broken glass, trash, and debris laying all over the place. In other words, a romantic setting this ain’t!

Of course, when our daughter, Courtney, was born back in 2010, Steph started saying “I’ll wait here” a lot more. And with good reason. Say what you will about me, but I’ve yet to entertain the thought of dragging my daughter through places filled with garbage, bugs, and god knows what else. So the two of them usually hang out in the car while I go roaming about.

“Come on, guys, it totally looks safe!”

Such was the case recently when I decided to visit the infamous Crybaby Bridge on Fudge Road. While I had visited the bridge many times in the past, I recently received an e-mail saying the bridge was in bad shape and was in danger of being knocked down. So I wanted to get some pictures of it for my Ohio Crybaby Bridge Project before it was gone for good.

As we drove to the bridge one afternoon, I filled Steph in on all the legends swirling around not only the bridge, but Fudge Road in general. Of course, there are just as many stories about people being chased down the road by angry neighbors as there are ghosts. Long story short, when people ask me about the bridge, I tell them it’s probably not a good place to visit. So it didn’t really surprise me that much when we pulled off to the side of the road in front of the Road Closed sign near the bridge and I heard “I’ll wait here.” Well, at least I heard it from Steph. Courtney was so engrossed in her Justice League Vs. Bizarro League DVD that I don’t think she even heard me get out of the car.

Fudge Road Crybaby Bridge

I guess I had been out of the car for 5 minutes or so, busily snapping pictures and even walking across the closed bridge, when I heard Steph call out “Jim?” My immediate thought was “oh s**t, someone’s here.” As soon as I looked towards the car and realized I couldn’t see it from where I was standing, I admit it: I panicked and started running towards Steph’s voice as I yelled back “coming! What is it?!” I was almost halfway across the bridge when I heard Steph’s response:

“We’re getting out. Courtney said she wants to see your spooky bridge.”

And see it she did. For the next few minutes, Courtney wandered along Fudge Road and the Crybaby Bridge, sometimes hand-in-hand with Steph, asking questions about ghosts and bridges…and hawks (she saw one in the trees). She even made me and Steph pose for a picture on the bridge. All the while, I kept trying to hide the tears in my eyes. Courtney still doesn’t comprehend that sometimes, people cry when they’re happy.

Photo courtesy of Courtney

So yeah, I don’t rock. But I have a wife who, after all these years, still loves and supports what I do. And I know she’s not even five yet, but my daughter still thinks I’m cool.

I can live with that.

New Addition To The Strange & Spooky Museum: Mothman Statue



Created by local artist Robert “Bob” Roach, this is a limited edition scaled replica of his Mothman statue that has been standing guard over the streets of Point Pleasant, West Virginia since 2003. And it’s pretty much an exact replica, right down to the plaque affixed to the base.

This particular piece once resided in the private collection of Ohio Bigfoot researcher, Joedy Cook, which gives it an even more interesting back story.


You can check out more Mothman-related memorabilia, as well as that of other creatures, in the Bizarre Beasts wing of the Strange & Spooky Museum.

If you want to take a peek at all the weirdness The Strange & Spooky Museum has to offer, start your journey here.




“Akron Pooper” Still At Large


And now for something all Ohioans can be proud of: The Akron Pooper has made national news. Perhaps more importantly, people across this great nation of ours are questioning why he hasn’t been caught yet.

Although several weeks have passed since the story (and lovely photo) of the Akron Pooper went viral, The Smoking Gun is reporting that while Akron Police  “have received multiple tips on the pooper”, they have not identified the suspect and no charges have been filed” (and for the record, yes, I am sitting here, giggling softly to myself, over the fact that I just typed the words “received multiple tips on the pooper.”).

The Akron Pooper: His family must be so proud –via

The article also mentions that since the story and photo first broke on March 10th, there have been “no additional public defecations” reported in the Akron area, possibly suggesting that the Pooper has gone into hiding…or perhaps he just cut back on the Fiber One bars.

Still, residents of the Castle Homes neighborhood, where the Pooper has struck most often, have begun posting updates to their Facebook page in an attempt to catch this guy. Oh yeah, and they’ve also given him a new moniker: The Castle Homes Crapper. 

To be totally serious for a moment, I do find it hard to believe that even with such a clear picture of his face, along with the fact that he’s apparently been doing this for years in the same area, he’s yet to be identified. 


Read the entire article from The Smoking Gun here.

Check out the original story on the Pooper here.