2019 Appearance Cheat Sheet

Here you are: All of my upcoming presentation and appearance dates in one place. What’s more, despite its massive appearance, it’s actually quite handy once you print it out!

Please keep in mind that while all of the dates and times are current as of this writing (September 27th), things are subject to change. So if you are interested in attending any of the events listed, please check with the venue to ensure times are still correct and there are still seats available.

Quick note about seating. Almost of my presentations and appearances are free and open to the general public. Those that are not free will have a “$” next to them. Regardless, seating for all of my presentations and appearances is on a first-come, first-seated basis, so people are often asked to not only show up early, but to also call the venue to reserve your seats (even the free seats) because once all the seats have been spoken for, no one else will be permitted to enter the venue.

Get ready, Ohio: Things are about to get strange and spooky!

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  1. You are Barry busy indeed! Wish I could go to all of them! But, hope you know I will be there is spirit. Love you!!

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