Welcome to the unofficial home to the ONW (Ohio News of the Weird) Archives. Here you will find a handy list o’ links to all the news articles that have been published on this site. Enjoy!

And as always, feel free to drop me a line at jim@strangeandspooky.com if you’ve got any weirdness to share!

MARCH 2015

March 31st: Ohio Woman Stabs Boyfriend After He Ate All Her Salsa

March 12th: Akron Police Searching For “Mystery Pooper”


January 29th: ABC-6 Tries To Convince Us The Zombie Apocalypse Has Begun

January 23rd: Mystery Of Ohio’s Purple Creek Solved

January 22nd: Ohio Suspect Attempts To Elude Police By Driving To Prison

January 6th: 7-Foot Creature Spotted In Highland County, Ohio


November 11th: Toy Wand In Dayton Store Contains Hidden ‘Demonic’ Image

JULY 2014

July 2nd: Unhappy With Hair Cut, Man Punches Great Clips Employee

JUNE 2014

June 19th: Boy Finds Mummified Body Hanging Inside Dayton Home

June 10th: 13-Year-Old Girl Stabs Mother In Alleged ‘Slenderman’ Attack

MAY 2014

May 13th: Ohioan Brains Girl With Shovel, Becomes Internet Sensation

APRIL 2014

April 2nd: Ohio Man Found Dead Hanging By Leg From Bridge


February 12th: Your Check’s In The Mail, Your Teeth Are In My Leg


January13th: Meet The Critter Cap Bandit 


October 15th: Judge Informs Ohio Man That He Is Legally Dead

October 10th: Ohio Elementary School Cancels Halloween


September 20th: Ghost In OSU Students’ Apartment Turns Out To Be Real Person Secretly Living In The Basement

JULY 2013

July 9th: Man Arrested For Vandalizing School While Wearing Spider-Man Underwear

MAY 2013

May 10th: In 2004, Sylvia Browne Told Amanda Berry’s Mother Her Daughter Was “Not Alive”

May 8th: Workers Discover Goldfish In Ohio Nuclear Power Plant Tunnel

APRIL 2013

April 25th: Vanilla Ice Heading To Ohio To Break Amish…Or Something

April 23rd: Miami University’s Farmer School Of Business To Be Run By Zombies?


February 27th: Holy Sh*t!


October 5th: Ohio Woman Says Ghosts Preventing Sale Of Childhood Home


September 18th: Attack Of The Columbus Pissing Bandit!

September 17th: The Cat’s Out Of (And In) The Bag 


August 31st: Man Calls Police On Ohio Prostitute Who Raised Her Prices

August 29th: Dayton Robbers Give Their Victim Bus Fare

JULY 2012

July 31st: Ohio Woman Arrested For Breaking INTO Jail

July 26th: Reality Check On Aurora Shootings

JUNE 2012

June 27th: How To Name An Akron Octopus

June 20th: Ohio’s Peanut Butter Cup Bandit Strikes Again

June 20th: US Constitution Allows Ohioans To Flip People Off

June 1st:  Taco Loco

June 1st:  Arrest of the Ohio Cleaning Fairy

MAY 2012

May 31st:  Darth Vader Robs Toledo Bank


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