100 Steps Cemetery

My name is James A. Willis and I have spent the last 30 years chasing after ghosts, monsters, and all things strange and spooky. I’ve been lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to write about my travels and exploits in over a dozen books. And I’m even luckier to have found the most beautiful woman in the world, persuaded her to marry me, and also got her to agree to accompany me on my adventures. Our lives changed forever on June 14, 2010, when my wife gave birth to our first child, Courtney Leigh. From there, the three of us are got ready to embark on the road trip of a lifetime.

You see, after having spent years and years traveling these strange and spooky roads alone, I’ve now got a family to take along with me. All of which means that packing the car now also means remembering to leave room for the car seat. Still, it looks like we’ve got room on this trip for one more. Want to come along?

If you’re not up for the trip, no worries. This site gets updated on a regular basis (sometimes even several times a week when the world turns especially strange and spooky). So you can still enjoy the weirdness, all from the safety of your favorite easy chair!

Want to know even more about me? Click here to download my bio/press release. 


Full moon over my childhood home in upstate New York


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I have some phenomenal ghost photos that I took in Gettysburg, Ft Dade, Florida, and a few others that aren’t quite as good in the Upper Sandusky, Ohio area. I have been investigating haunted locations off and on since 1996.
    I am very cautious and try to document proof during investigations. I love connecting with people of like mind.
    Tami Schmidt
    Carey, Ohio


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