Bizarre Beasts

There are reports of strange monsters roaming not only Ohio, but across the world. Here is a collection of artifacts and materials related to some of those monsters, from Ohio and beyond!

Bigfoot Cast

Bigfoot cast Cast from Salt Fork State Park, taken by legendary Ohio Bigfoot hunter, Joedy Cook. Given to me as a Christmas present in 2009 by my loving wife, Steph.


Feejee Mermaid


Regardless of whether you spell it “Feejee” or “Fiji”, these bizarre half-human, half-fish creatures have been reported for well over 200 years. But are they real? This specimen, housed at the Strange & Spooky Museum, certainly looks authentic.


Mothman vs The Flatwoods Green Monster of Braxton County Playset

Mothman vs Braxton Monster

Playset created as a bit of an homage to 2 of West Virginia’s most notorious monsters. Designed by David Horvath as part of his Ugly Doll collection, the playset  comes complete with 1 Mothman, 1 Braxton County Monster, plus 2 accessories from which said creatures could lurk behind: a tree and a bit of fencing.


Mothman Plush Toy

Mothman Plush

Purchased this in 2002 at the famous Harris Steak House in Pt. Pleasant, West Virginia. Don’t have any additional information on it. Tag attached to the plush toy reads:
Made especially for Point Pleasant, WV (this site is now defunct, so don’t bother clicking on it)


Mothman Statue

IMG_3257 Created by artist Bob Roach, this is a scaled replica of Roach’s famous statue that guards the streets of Pt. Pleasant, West Virginia.

Replica Vampire Kit

Replica Vampire Kit

Acquired in 2010. Contents appear to have been cobbled together from various sources.


Mummified Witch’s Hand

Witch HandAcquired in 2005. Said to be the High Hand of Mamba Shampti, the Voodoo Witch of Haiti.


Loveland Frog Action Figure

DSC02556#8 in a collection of 12 of the world’s strangest creatures, as determined by a Japanese “action figure” company.

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