Sidney Crybaby Bridge

Unknown, but appears to be a vehicle bridge that crosses over water

While I have collected 6 different variations of this legend, they are all equally vague and basically state the same thing: A baby fell or was pushed/thrown from the bridge. In some versions, the mother (or nondescript “woman”) also falls to her death with the baby. In all versions, it is said that people driving over the bridge late at night will often hear a baby crying from under the bridge.

None known as of this writing, other than driving across the bridge at night.

Unknown, although the likely candidate is the old truss bridge that crosses over the Great Miami River. The bridge connects Childrens Home Road and S. Main Avenue in Sidney.

This particular bridge is tricky, mainly because there are so many stories attached to this bridge. On top of that, none of the stories have any depth or specifics. Indeed, all of the people I’ve interviewed who knew about the bridge rarely went beyond saying “I think a baby died on the bridge or something like that”. It appears to be nothing more than a case of a spooky-looking bridge becoming known as being haunted simply because it looked like it should be haunted.

Personal Experiences
I have been to this bridge many times over the years. It seems like every time I go, there’s a different story about why it’s supposed to be haunted and what happened there. I heard the story about the mom throwing here baby off the bridge and that you can hear the baby crying while the mom screams, but I never heard anything all the times I was out there. Creepy bridge, though.
—Randy L.

Additional Information
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