Stover Road Crybaby Bridge

Vehicle bridge over water

“A man killed his baby on the bridge.” If you drive across the bridge “between 11:30 and midnight”, you may hear the baby crying and your car will suddenly feel like it’s being pulled over the side of the bridge. It the water level is low enough, you are supposed to be able to see an old baby carriage floating in the water under the bridge.

Not sure it classifies as a ritual, per se, but in order to hear the baby crying, you simply need to drive over the bridge between 11:30 pm and midnight.

Just outside Ostrander in Delaware County.  The bridge crosses Dun Run at roughly the 4900 block of Stover Road (Township Road 156), approximately 1/8 mile north of Larcomb Road.

Something else to note is that the bridge here is not the original bridge–that was replaced in 2008, which will explain the less-than-haunted appearance of the existing bridge.

Personal Experiences
I have been to this bridge many times over the years. It seems like every time I go, there’s a different story about why it’s supposed to be haunted and what happened there. I heard the story about the mom throwing here baby off the bridge and that you can hear the baby crying while the mom screams, but I never heard anything all the times I was out there. Creepy bridge, though.
—Randy L.

I live not too far from the bridge and am pretty sure the whole thing was made up for bored teenagers to have something to do. I confess that years ago, I was one of those bored teenagers who found an old baby carriage in the trash and I drove it out to the bridge with some of my friends and threw it in the water just so that we could drive our girlfriends back out there that night and scare them.
—Alex H.

Additional Information
Delaware County Engineer: Stover Road Over Dun’s Run Bridge Replacement
Ohio Exploration Society: Ostrander Crybaby Bridge

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