Crystal Springs Crybaby Bridge

Metal footbridge over water

An extremely vague tale involving a husband and wife and their newborn baby. According to legend, the husband brought his family down to the bridge and proceeded to hang his wife from the top of the bridge. When he was done, he carried his child down underneath the bridge and drowned it in the Tuscarawas River. After murdering his child, the man committed suicide by hanging himself under the bridge.

Walking across this bridge “at the right time” will allow you to hear the baby crying from underneath the structure. Two individuals I interviewed (on separate occasions) also stated that you could see the wife’s body hanging from the top of the bridge.

None currently known

The bridge crosses the Tuscarawas River on High Mill Ave NW, just north of Forty Corners Rd.

The bridge at this location has a rather interesting history. The original bridge was destroyed in the flood of 1913. The bridge that took its place had a wooden floor, which eventually wore out and had to be replaced in the 1940s. At that time, it was decided that the new bridge would be constructed out of iron. That particular bridge stood until the 1990s, when repairs once again became necessary. Today, the bridge is part of the Crystal Springs Bridge Park and is closed to vehicle traffic.

Regardless, all of the Crybaby Bridge stories associated with this bridge, at least the ones that I have been able to compile to date, are all centered around the current bridge as opposed to any of its previous versions (eg: the wooden-floored bridge).

Some reports/stories claim the bridge is on Riverside Avenue as opposed to Hill Mill Avenue. Technically, it’s on BOTH as High Mill Avenue and Riverside Avenue is the same road—it just changes names depending on which way you are heading.

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Additional Information
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