Cable Train Overpass

Vehicle bridge over railroad tracks (demolished?)

When a Crybaby Bridge legend offers up a specific time of year when the horrible events are said to have taken place, most go with the month of October. So the Cable Train Overpass legend is a bit unique in that the events here are said to have occurred in November.
Supposedly, a young mother (in some versions, she is described as “unwed”) decided she no longer wanted her child and so, one night, decided to climb up onto the overpass and wait for a train to come by. When it did, the mother threw her child from the overpass, in front of the oncoming train, and then jumped herself.

Many years later, it was said that if you tried to drive your car across the bridge at midnight, it would stall out. Shortly after stalling, the sounds of a ghostly train whistle could be heard in the distance, apparently sounding as if it were approaching the overpass. As the whistle continued to get louder, the sound would be joined by that of a baby crying and finally, a woman screaming. After that, everything would suddenly go silent and you would be able to start your car again.

There doesn’t appear to be any ritual, per se. However, the whole idea that you needed to try and drive across the bridge at midnight is a constant thread throughout all the different variations on this legend.

What stops me from saying “midnight” is part of the official ritual is the fact that none of the legend’s variations state that the woman threw her baby off the overpass at midnight. So the whole midnight thing seems to have been added just to make things spookier.

Finally, while the legend and all its variants claim the event took place in November, there is no mention of you having to cross the overpass only during that month to hear the ghostly noises.

This one gets a little tricky to pin down, especially since the overpass was allegedly town around 2004. Over the years, I have spoken to several people who claimed to have visited the overpass. The problem is that they put the overpass’ location in different places.

As of right now, I have three area in Cable where the Crybaby train overpass may have been:

  • Along Black Road
  • On OH-296, northeast of Cable Road
  • At the far end of Main Street, where it turns into Inskeep Road

If you can provide any additional information as to where this haunted overpass once stood, please let me know!

Was supposedly torn down in 2004

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