Hyde Road Crybaby Bridge

Covered bridge over bike path

It is said that a woman killed her baby on this bridge at midnight. How are why are never explained. Regardless, if you go to the bridge at midnight, you will hear a baby crying and witness the mother’s ghost pacing or running back and forth on the bridge. This can only be seen once you exit your car. If you walk away from your car, upon returning you will find handprints and footprints all over it, as if a tiny child climbed up onto the car and was trying to get inside.

Be on or near the bridge at midnight. If you have driven your car to the bridge, you will need to exit your vehicle in order to experience anything.I do not recommended you leave your car parked on the bridge, or parked anywhere near this bridge. It’s dangerous and potentially illegal to do so.

Located along Hyde Road in Yellow Springs, Ohio. The bridge crosses over a section of the Little Miami Bike Trail.

This is yet another case of the current bridge not being as scary as the one it replaced. The original bridge, the one that was known as the Crybaby Bridge, was an old steel bridge, built sometime during the later part of the 1800s to allow vehicles to cross over a set of railroad tracks.

About 100 years later, the railroad tracks were no longer being used and the decision was made to turn them into a bike path: the Little Miami Bike Trail, to be exact.

Around the same time, the steel bridge was deemed unsafe for motorized vehicles and was slated for demolition. It would come to be replaced by a covered bridge—the Richard P. Eastman Covered Bridge, to be exact. The bridge was named after Richard “Dick” Eastman, long-time Greene County Engineer who was a major financial backer for the Little Miami Bike Trail the bridge crosses over. Since Eastman apparently had a thing for covered bridges, it seemed only appropriate to name the bridge after Eastman.

To date, I have not confirmed any murders or deaths occurring on or near this bridge. There is also new information coming in that this is not the original Crybaby Bridge in the area. Rather, the bridge was located on nearby Jacoby Road and when that bridge was demolished, the story migrated down to this location. So stay tuned for updates!

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