Myrtle Hill Road Crybaby Bridge

Unknown (see Notes section, below)

Not much to go on here. Supposedly, if you can find your way up onto this bridge at night, you will hear a baby crying. No other details are currently available (see Notes section, below)

None known as of this writing

Unknown. Claims to be “on Myrtle Hill Road, right down the street from the haunted cemetery”, but no such bridge exists on Myrtle Hill Road.

For now, I’m keeping this entry, although I’m pretty convinced this one doesn’t exists, or at the very least, is mislabeled.

All of the online references to this bridge seem to originate from this incredibly vague entry on Forgotten Ohio. On top of that, even though the bridge is supposed to be on–and even takes its name from–Myrtle Hill Road, no such bridge exists on that road.

However, since there is a reference to the bridge being “just down the road from the haunted cemetery”, I’m personally leaning towards this bridge actually being one of the two Abbeyville Road Crybaby Bridges (see here and here), which are located nearby. Granted, they are roughly 7 miles from Myrtle Hill Road. But when has a couple of miles held back a good urban legend?

Personal Experiences
None so far. If you know something about this bridge and/or legend, help save it from falling into obscurity by telling me about it at

Additional Information
Forgotten Ohio: The Cry-Baby Bridge Of Myrtle Hill Road

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