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A classic Crybaby Bridge urban legend, meaning it is nice and vague. It is said that a long time ago (most versions put the event some time in the 1950s), a local woman gave birth to a baby out of wedlock. Fearing ridicule and scorn, one night the woman decided to murder the newborn. Walking with the baby up onto the bridge, the woman paused briefly before throwing the infant over the side and into the water below.
Today, if you go to the bridge late at night, you are supposed to be able to hear the baby crying. As to what type of night offers your best shot of hearing the crying, that seems to differ depending on who is telling you the tale. But the most popular types are:

  • “a dark, moonless night”
  • “at midnight during a full moon”
  • “a still night with no wind”
  • “a slient night” (my personal favorite)

None currently known

Located along Abbeyville Road in Valley City (Medina County). Approximate location is the 2800 block of Abbeyville Road. Incidentally, it’s only a short distance away from the Abbeyville Road Railroad Bridge, home of the 2nd Abbeyville Road Crybaby Bridge legend.

That’s right, there are actually two Crybaby Bridges on Abbeyville Road. Of the two, this is the one that appears to have been around the longest, with my current research showing the first mentions of this particular tale appearing around 1991.
Even so, with the addition of the 2nd tale around 2003, the two stories have become entwined and often fully morph into one story. Multiple web sites currently carry a variation of the 2 legends which has the baby being thrown off a railroad bridge (2nd bridge) into the water below (1st bridge).

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