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If you are looking to donate an item (or items) to the Strange and Spooky Museum, please be sure to make shipping arrangements with me prior to sending it. First off, I want to reimburse you for shipping. But more importantly, in these troubled times, our friendly neighborhood delivery men and women sometimes get freaked out by the sight of something weird being shipped. So I don’t want to have your stuff be in danger of getting destroyed or thrown away. So please, let me know if you’re planning on shipping me something so I can tell them to expect some weirdness!

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  1. There is one in Logan county. It is on a back road between Huntsville and bellefontaine. It is near a cemetery that has a head stone that glows. I wish i had more details but it has been over 25 years ago when i was there and of course it was dark.

  2. Check out another crybaby bridge story legend – near Clifton, ohio on north river road. Story goes that a buggy crashed over the bridge and a baby fell out and drowned in the river. Legend has said at midnight, the crying baby can be heard.

  3. Hey Jim, I’m the wife of the marine. I thought you might like to know that several people have seen this creature. I had my nose buried in my phone leafing through Fb posts and that was why I didn’t see it. I didn’t mean to confuse you, even though I truly don’t understand why it would.

    1. Sandra,
      Thanks for the note. But I’m not sure which creature you’re referring to. You posted on the “Contact” page, so I’m not sure which story you’re referring to. The Minerva Park Monkey, perhaps?

  4. Hello.

    I am currently enjoying your book “Ohio’s Historic Haunts”. After reading about the Roscoe Warehouse in Coshocton, which I have been to many times, I began wondering about my place of employment and if its haunted or if you have ever heard anything about it.

    I work for the state in the old Cambridge Mental Hospital. It was built in the mid 40’s by the Army as Fletcher General Hospital and was later converted to one of the state mental wards. It has its share of “strangeness” and l was wondering if you have ever been there or collected any stories about it?

    Thank you
    Brent Thornton
    Coshocton, Ohio.

    1. Brent,
      Thanks for the note. As far as the old Cambridge Mental Hospital goes, while I am quite familiar with it, I do not have any specifics regarding possible haunting there. I’ve also never been granted access to the facility, for obvious reasons. Would love to explore it one day, though, if the opportunity presents itself!

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