Rogues’ Hollow Crybaby Bridge

Vehicle bridge over water

Vague story involving a family, including a baby, attempting to cross the bridge “when it was icy”. A crash ensues, resulting in the death of the entire family. It is said that crossing this bridge, especially when it is icy, will result in one hearing a baby crying.

None known as of this writing, although most of the stories involve multiple references to crossing the bridge when it is “icy”, so that might be a requirement.

As such, I feel the need to point out that this is a very small bridge that sits on a road that’s probably pretty far down the list of roads to clear during inclement weather. In other words, I don’t advise you attempting to cross this bridge just because it’s icy.

Located on Galehouse Road, between Rogues Hollow Road and Hametown Road in Doylestown. If you are coming from Hametown Road, the bridge crosses over the Silver Creek just before you reach the Chippewa Rogues Hollow Nature Preserve and Historical Park.  

The Rogues’ Hollow bridge is the one most often referred to as THE Crybaby Bridge in Ohio. And at first glance, it would appear to be the one that has been around the longest as I have interviewed several people (independent of each other) that claim to have heard the bridge referred to as a Crybaby Bridge as far back as 1985.

From there, though, things start to get a little hazy. Consulting what is perhaps the definitive guide to the ghost stories and legends surrounding the area, Russell W. Frey’s book, Rogues’ Hollow History and Legends, does not turn up a single reference to a Crybaby anything. True, the book does contain passing references to ghostly activity taking place near a bridge (including my personal favorite, a headless horse that the devil himself liked to ride), but nothing involving a baby or a death of any kind. No crying, either.

I was fortunate enough to come across a signed copy of Rogues’ Hollow History and Legends in a old bookstore. The book lists the original copyright as 1958. However, my copy has a postscript that is dated October of 1963, as well as a note from the publisher that is dated February of 1972 and references that this is a “third edition”. Given that there is no reference of a Crybaby Bridge in my edition, that would mean the Crybaby Bridge story currently attached to the bridge most likely originated somewhere between 1972 and 1985.

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