Pfeiffer Crybaby Bridge

Vehicle bridge over water

This bridge is believed to be haunted by the ghosts of the many babies who were drowned here. It is said that pregnant, unmarried “Amish and English women” would come to this bridge and secretly give birth to their children under the bridge, often under the cover of darkness. Once their child was born, the mother would throw the baby into the water, drowning it. For this reason, “many people over the years” have come to this bridge at night and heard the cries of tiny babies echoing through the night air.

None known as of this writing

While the bridge is said to be in the unincorporated community of Pfeiffer, it is actually on the border of Dudley Township and Kenton. The bridge crosses the Scioto River at approximately the 13600 block of County Road 265 in Kenton/Dudley Township, just northeast of the intersection with County Roads 146 and 219.

This particular bridge was added for reference purposes only, for reasons that will become clear momentarily.

Currently, I do not have any first-hand encounters on file. To date, I haven’t found a single person who had encountered anything supernatural at the bridge or had even heard any story surrounding the bridge, for that matter. Not even the locals knew anything about it, despite the claims online that “many people have heard the cries over the years”.

What little available information there is seems to only exist on the Internet. What’s more, it all appears to have originated from the Ohio Exploration Society web site. And the only information about the bridge on that web site is a short blurb credited to someone not associated with the Ohio Exploration Society. In other words, it’s an unverifiable story from a third party. And yet somehow, the story spread, albeit only a bit.

Concerning the idea that single English and Amish women specifically would come to the bridge, this would imply some sort of unspoken rule amongst these two groups that this was the place to go to have your “problem” taken care of. All of which, of course, makes absolutely no sense. More likely, “English and Amish women” were added in an attempt to bring an air of authenticity to the tale.

Needless to say, if you’re visiting the Ohio Crybaby Bridge Project to try to find out for yourself if any of these stories are true, this is one you probably don’t want to waste too much time on.

But who knows? Maybe there are some of you out there who can shed some light on the subject. If you can, please let me know so we can prevent this urban legend from slipping into obscurity.

Personal Experiences
None currently. But if you have a story to tell about this bridge, you have the power to save it from vanishing into urban legend obscurity. So please share it with me at 

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