Screaming Bridge

Vehicle bridge over train tracks

There are many ghost stories and legends associated with this particular bridge, only one of which includes a reference to hearing a baby crying. According to that story, which reads like a typical Crybaby Bridge tale, a young woman walked onto the bridge and then threw her baby over the side, killing it. It is said that if you drive over the bridge, in addition to hearing the mother’s ghost, screaming out in anger/sadness over what she did, you will also hear the cries of a small baby coming from under the bridge.

None currently known, other than one must “drive over the bridge”.

The bridge crosses over the railroad tracks at approximately the 6300 block of Maud Hughes Road in Liberty Township.

This bridge has been widely-known as haunted for many years, although as previously noted, only one story involves a baby crying. As far as the other stories go, you name it and it’s supposed to have happened on the bridge—murders, suicides, fatal accident involving a busload of children, even a phantom train barreling down the tracks in the dead of night. It’s interesting to note that all versions of the legend, including the “baby” variant, involving hearing screaming (hence the “Screaming Bridge” name). What’s more, my research shows that the “mother killing her baby” variant is a fairly new addition.

Finally, due to recent rise of thrill-seekers visiting this bridge, I feel the need to caution people to not do anything other than driving over this bridge at a normal rate of speed. The bridge is positioned in such a way as to make anyone walking on the bridge virtually invisible to motorists. And the railroad tracks under the bridge are active with several trains passing through on a daily basis. So please, don’t go walking down onto the tracks, either.

Personal Experiences
I have been to this bridge many times over the years. It seems like every time I go, there’s a different story about why it’s supposed to be haunted and what happened there. I heard the story about the mom throwing here baby off the bridge and that you can hear the baby crying while the mom screams, but I never heard anything all the times I was out there. Creepy bridge, though.
—Randy L.

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