Lefevre Road Crybaby Bridge

Vehicle bridge over water

Over 50 years ago (or “in the 1930s”), there was a car accident on the bridge and a male baby was thrown from the car. They never found the baby’s body, but if you go to the bridge, you will hear him crying.

None currently known

Located around the 3700 block of Lefevre Road in Troy, Ohio, just west of the intersection with Childrens Home Road. The bridge crosses over Lost Creek.

If I had to guess, I would say that this particular story is a bit of a one-off. I have yet to find anyone who has visited the bridge or can provide any specifics, which is sort of odd since the most specific part of the story is where the bridge is located. You would think more people would have visited the bridge over the years. But so far, I’ve yet to have anyone provide me with a first-person account.

Further investigation seems to show that the story first appeared online on the Shadowlands web site. Originally, this site was set up so that people could add their stories without any sort of third party fact-checking before the story was posted. This is important to note because while the story does appear on several other web sites, it appears to have been lifted almost verbatim from Shadowlands, right down to a car accident taking place on the bridge that causes the baby to be thrown from the car.

One final thing to note is that while a few of the specifics do indeed vary from web site to web site, the one thing that remains constant is that the baby is always male.

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