Crybaby Lane (Euler Road)

No bridge: Just a stretch of road.

A woman decided to murder her baby and somehow managed to hang it from one of the tree branches that stretch across a portion of Euler Road. People driving through the area late at night have reported hearing the sounds of a baby crying while other state they have seen what appears to be the body of a baby hanging from a tree branch, directly over the road.

None known as of this writing.

Euler Road is just outside the limits of Bowling Green. The section of Euler Road in question is the part situated between two sharp bends.

Yet another example of how popular Crybaby Bridge legends have gotten in Ohio. So big, in fact, that the legends don’t even need to include a bridge anymore!

That being said, the legend associated with this road is one of the more well-known, not only in the Bowling Green area, but Ohio as well. It’s interesting to note that up until the early 1990s, the legend was simply referred to as “Euler Road”. The whole “Crybaby” part seems to be a more recent addition to a long-standing legend.

With so little to go on, it’s almost impossible to verify any of the facts in this case/legend. But that hasn’t stopped people from coming all over the state in an attempt to hear and see the ghostly baby. The legend has gotten so popular that during one of my visits back in 2008, I noticed that someone had gone through the trouble of hanging a small noose from the tree canopy that stretches over the road.

Personal Experiences
My college roommate told me that the woman who murdered her baby used to live in the woods on Euler Road. I don’t know if that’s true or not. That one part of the road is really scary and I don’t like driving on it.
–Joan M., Bowling Green, OH

Has anybody mentioned to you the fact that your cell phone will sometimes do all sorts of crazy stuff when you drive on Euler Road? My phone does really weird stuff but not all the time. Like one time, I got a call from my friend who was in the car with me at the time. She wasn’t calling me, though. When I answered, it was just weird static and stuff. A bunch of my friends’ phones act weird out there, too. Not sure if that has anything to do with ghosts, but it’s weird!
–Steph E., Bowling Green, OH

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Additional Information
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