2021 Appearances

Obviously, COVID has put a damper on one of the things I love most of all: Getting out in public and sharing stories with everyone! Rest assured, that I am doing everything in my power to get back out there, but that means taking extra precautions and working with individual venues to ensure everyone is safe and operates within local and state guidelines. To avoid getting everyone’s hopes up, I will not post an event here until it is officially confirmed. The moment something is confirmed, even if it is a virtual event, information will be posted.

Please note that some of the events I’ll be appearing at charge an admission fee (those marked with a “$”), while others are not open to the general public (marked “private event”).  If they are not marked, the event’s free and open to all. Still, you might want to check with the venue since some of them require you to pre-register just so they don’t overbook the event, which tends to annoy the local Safety Chief!

For most events, I will have copies of all my books available for purchase. If you already own my books, you’re more than welcome to bring them along for me to sign!

If you’re interested in having me lecture/speak/dance at one of your upcoming events, please feel free to contact me at jim@strangeandspooky.com.

Need a copy of my bio/press release to help you decide if you want to hire me? Download a copy right here! Or maybe you’re just curious to see where I’ve given presentations in the past. If so, feast your eyes on this list!

Last updated: January 25th, 2021

If you’re even remotely considering having me come out for a visit in October, please don’t wait. Contact me now so we can get the ball rolling! My October is usually completely booked by the end of August!

Nothing scheduled yet, but there are things in the works. Honest!

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