BBBJ: Current Leaderboard

With only a couple of road trips under my belt (and several others to still blog about), here’s where things currently stack up with my being Busted By Bon Jovi (BBBJ). Total number of times I’ve been busted are in parenthesis:

  1. Living On A Prayer (2)
  2. TIE–Wanted Dead Or Alive (1) and You Give Love A Bad Name (1)

We’ve only just begun! So follow this link and cast your vote for the Bon Jovi song I’m going to be “busted” by the most! And who knows, the person who picks the winning song just might win themselves a fabulous prize!

One thought

  1. My vote is “Living on a Prayer” because that is my favorite! Then again it could be “Bad Medicine” or……..

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