Random Strange & Spooky Image: Fiji Mermaid

The Fiji Mermaid that has taken up residence on my bookshelf

While they have been rumored to have been floating around for centuries, it wasn’t until around the mid-1800s that Fiji Mermaids became something of a household name. The person to blame for this was none other than PT Branum himself. Barnum began exhibiting his Feejee Mermaid, which he claimed were the remains of a mermaid-like creature.

Even though most people came to believe the Mermaid was in fact the head of a baby monkey sewn onto the body of a fish, examples of Fiji Mermaids continued to pop up from time to time at traveling side shows and circuses…and even on the bookshelf of yours truly! A perfect addition to the Strange and Spooky Museum!

But is it real? I’ll leave it up to you to decide!

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