Random Strange & Spooky Image: Ghostbusters Ghostpopper

Easily one of the neatest Christmas gifts I received this year; a vintage 80s Ghostbusters Ghostpopper. The fact that my co-worker, David, found it in the attic of his family home and didn’t know who its original owner was makes it even cooler!

I admit that while I was (and still am) a huge fan of the original Ghostbusters movie (II is still growing on me) , I was a little too old for these toys when they first came out. So I was unsure as to what type of ghost one would “bust” with a Ghostpopper.

Turning to the ever-faithful YouTube, I was able to track down this commercial which, while not fully explaining the ghosts my Ghostpopper worked against, made me happy David hadn’t found a Proton Pack in the attic. I for one am far too intimidated by the phallic-looking nature of that thing to ever consider whipping it out on an investigation!

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