ONW: Man Calls Police On Ohio Prostitute Who Raised Her Prices

This one’s “under investigation”, so details are kind of sketchy at this point. What we do know is that police from Ann Arbor, Michigan were called out to a private residence on Packard Road around 10:30 on the night of August 29th, 2012. Seems the owner of the home had reported a robbery.

Well, when police arrived, they were met by the 45-year-old man who owned the property. He told police that he had worked out a deal online with a 19-year-old prostitute from Ohio. Problem was that when she showed up at the guy’s house, she demanded more money than what had been agreed to. So he called police because he felt he was being robbed.

Police did indeed arrest the 19-year-old woman. The man was allowed to go free.

I don’t know about you, but I’m dying to see a picture of this 45-year-old guy.  I’m trying to decide if the prostitute’s sudden rate hike was a result of inflation or a second, more likely scenario: her knocking on the front door, catching a glimpse of the 45-year old pot-bellied yak face who lived there, and her thinking “uhhhhh, yeah, I’m gonna need a LOT more money to do this guy.”

Read the full report from Annarbor.com here

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