Know Where These Spooky Places Are?

From time to time, while I’m out and about looking for new stuff for the Strange & Spooky Museum, I’ll stumble across a strange postcard that claims to be depicting a haunted location in Ohio. The problem is that most of these cards offer very little in the way of directions, history, or even location other than sometimes listing the city. On top of that, most of these cards end up having been produced locally by photographers and artists who basically just slapped the image on a piece of heavy paper and proclaimed it a “postcard”. All of which makes it rather hard to pinpoint exactly where these pictures were taken. I, for one, would love to see if anything from these images has survived and can still be seen today.

So here’s where you guys come in: any idea where the images from the following postcards are from?

“The Haunted House” near Marion, Ohio, on Greencamp pike

Very little else to go on with this postcard. The back of it was badly damaged and only the place for the stamp was legible.

Tomb at Haunted House, Delaware, Ohio

On the back of this card, the company is listed as “Evans Postcards, Delaware, Ohio” and gives the photo credit to “Hutchisson”. The postmark on the card appears to be from 1911.

So how about it? Know where either of these places are (or were)? If you do, feel free to leave a comment here. Or, if you’re the shy sort, click here to find out how to contact me privately.

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  1. Did you ever find anything about these? There appears to be another post card in 1907 similar to the Delaware one I initially saw on ebay. So appears to have been relatively “popular” so will have to do some digging through Delaware archives.

    1. Toby,

      All signs seem to point to the postcards being part of the legends surrounding the infamous Robinson property (the Delaware Pirate). Jannette Quackenbush did some digging into it for her Ohio Ghost Hunter Guide V book. Her book’s worth hunting down!

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