ONW: Man Arrested for Vandalizing School While Wearing Spider-Man Underwear

According to Hamilton County Sheriff’s Deputies, 23-year-old Thomas Williams was arrested in the early morning hours of July 7th, 2013, and charged with felony vandalism of Archbishop Moeller High School, as well as breaking and entering. And Williams did it all “while wearing Spider-Man underwear.”

Williams is accused of throwing rocks through several of the high school’s windows. After which, he climbed through a window, entered the school, and sprayed several fire extinguishers throughout the hallways and rooms, causing damage.

Thomas Williams, apparently minus his Spidey outfit
–from CBSNews.com

I know, I know: who cares what he did. Get back to the Spider-Man underwear bit, right? Well, apparently Williams isn’t talking, so police are stumped as to why this guy chose the particular outfit he did. I’m sure drugs and/or alcohol might have been a contributing factor. But maybe, just maybe, police mistakenly referred to it as Spider-Man underwear when in fact it was Venom underwear! That would certainly add a wrinkle, huh?

Regardless, the mystery surrounding the underwear at least gave us one of the best closing lines to an Ohio crime-related story this year: “No motive for the crime or reason for his wardrobe was given.”

There’s one other aspect of this case that has me perplexed. A CBS News article lists Williams at 6-foot-5 and 295 pounds. Funny, but I don’t remember Underoos coming in sizes that big.

–from LikeTotally80s.com


You can read the original Cincinnati.com article by clicking here.

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