ONW Update: Halloween Returns To Bexley Elementary School

Those of you who wrote in to express your sadness (and in some cases, outrage) over the decision of the Principal at Maryland Elementary School in Bexley, Ohio to cancel their annual Halloween festivities can now rejoice: Halloween is back!

Late Friday evening, October 11th, parents of Maryland Elementary School students began receiving an e-mail from Principal Hood, stating that the annual Halloween festivities would indeed take place this year. Plans for the square dancing Fall Festival were being put on hold. Hood’s e-mail read, in part: “it has been determined to offer a traditional Halloween celebration for this year.”

The Columbus Dispatch was unable to reach Hood for comment regarding what exactly led him to overturn his initial decision, although his e-mail does mention that he had significant discussion with all constituents in the Maryland learning community.” My guess is they all told him that a party featuring square dancing was far more frightening and disturbing than any Halloween party could ever be.

So there you have it: Halloween has returning once again to Bexley, Ohio!

Read the full Columbus Dispatch article by clicking here.

The original blog post about the cancellation of the festivities can be found here.


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