His Foot Isn’t The Only Thing That’s Big!

Recently, I was updating my Currently Reading list on GoodReads (are you my Friend yet? You should be. ) when I stumbled across this little gem of a book cover:


After some nervous giggling and a quick glance over my shoulder to make sure Steph wasn’t currently monitoring my Internet activity, I clicked on the cover to find out more. Honestly, I was looking for the punchline. I mean, this had to be a joke, right? Wrong!

Not only is the book for real, but it is part of a 16-book series entitled The Monster Sex Series. That’s right; 16 books! And yes, you read that correctly: monster sex.

These books, all self-published, have become so popular that they are being bundled together into anthologies and are even available as audiobooks. So popular, in fact, that they have become part of their very own genre: Cryptozoological Erotica. Books entering this genre focus on trysts between willing humans and everything from Bigfoot and mermen to extraterrestrials and leprechauns.

The Bigfoot books eventually found their way onto Amazon, although not before the series was renamed Moan For Bigfoot.

screen shot 2013-12-20 at 10.58.09 am

Many of the individual books in the series, as well as the anthologies, are lurking rather high on Amazon, both as downloads and traditional print purchases. That’s what frightens me the most about all this; there are people out there who feel the need to read not just one, but multiple books about having sex with Bigfoot. If it were just one book, I could probably dismiss it as nothing more than curiosity. But 16 books?

It’s like I always say: I’m more afraid of the living than the dead.


Business Insider ran a great article about the Moan For Bigfoot series, including Amazon’s position regarding the growing trend of “sex fantasy” books being put up for sale on their site. Click here to read the article.

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