ONW: Meet The Critter Cap Bandit


OK, I realize this guy had a gun. But really, how menacing can one think they are when they are wearing that on their head? it’s not like he was going to blend in, either. And dude, look behind you; it’s called a hood. Every good bandit knows that if you’re going to rob a bank and go Old School, you use a red bandana. Otherwise, you go with the hood. Or at least an ill-fitting mustache and dark sunglasses.

But whatever the reason, this guy chose to don an ill-fitting Critter Cap, march into the Chase Bank on East Main Street in Bexley on the morning of January 7th, and demand cash. It’s unknown if the man’s headwear or his gun startled the teller more, but the bandit managed to escape the bank and is still at large. Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 614-461-TIPS, e-mail a tip to www.stopcrime.org, or text a tip to “CRIMES”, using the keyword CMH.


NBC 4’s complete article, including how you can collect a sweet reward if you help catch this guy (with or without the hat, I’m assuming), can be found here.


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