ONW: Your Check’s In The Mail, Your Teeth Are In My Leg

According to reports, 25-year-old Akron resident Robert Kiefer had been patiently waiting for some time for a check to arrive in the mail. As the days rolled on and still no check, Kiefer began to grow impatient. And on Saturday, February 8th, when Kiefer’s local mail carrier told him that there’d by no check for him that day, Kiefer got mad. Biting mad.

Robert Keifer’s mug shot
–from Akron Beacon Journal Online

The Akron Journal Beacon Online reported that after demanding his check, Kiefer snatched the 56-year-old mail carrier’s pepper spray and sprayed it in the man face. He then proceeded to pummel the man while biting him three times in the leg. All the while, “a small crowd” made the whole city of Akron proud by standing there, doing nothing.

Police arrived on the scene and arrested Kiefer, charging him with misdemeanor assault and resisting arrest. As of this post, he was unable to post his $1,000 bond and remained in the Summit County Jail, awaiting his February 21st pretrial.

Paramedics released the postal worker at the scene after treating him for the bite marks which, judging by Kiefer’s mug shot, were extremely misshapen and crooked.

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