ONW: Ohio Man Found Dead Hanging by Leg from Bridge


NOTE: This is a Tarot card, not a crime scene photo!   dawnalicebooks.com

Authorities in Auglaize County are scratching their heads and hoping an autopsy will help explain how the body of a local man came to be found hanging upside down from a bridge near the town of St. Marys, Ohio.

On Sunday afternoon, March 9th, police were summoned to a small creek bridge just outside of St. Marys. There, they found the body of 36-year-old Richard Moon, hanging upside down from the bridge. It appeared as though Moon had fallen off the bridge and that one of his legs had gotten caught in the bridge’s guardrail.

Police were not commenting on the condition of Moon’s body and would not speculate as to the cause of death, stating only that suicide and foul play were not suspected. They hope that the exact cause of death will be revealed during the autopsy, which is currently being conducted.

Authorities did, however, mention a rather bizarre fact concerning Moon’s car, which was found wrecked near the bridge. Sheriff Allen Solomon said that detectives believe Moon was involved in a car crash, which he survived, before he began walking across the bridge. Yet another example of how fate will not be denied.

You can read the original newspaper article from the Zanesville Times Recorder by clicking here.


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