I’ll Be Part Of An Author Panel At The Ohioana Book Festival


I have officially been added to an Author Panel for the Ohioana Book Festival. It looks like it will be taking place at 12:45. No word yet on if hoagies will be made available for all to enjoy. But feel free to bring along one for me as I often get a bit peckish at these types of engagements.

As far as the topic of the panel, it’s a bit vague, but since I’ve been paired up with several other authors who have written non-fiction books about Ohio, I think it’s safe to assume we’ll be talking about our experiences. But you know me; I’ll talk about anything, so bring your weirdest questions! Actually, those are the ones I like the best, especially when I’m on a panel. People traditionally ask the other authors things like “what was your inspiration” or “can you explain your writing process” and then I get something like this:

“Yes, I have a two-part question for Mr. Willis. First, did you encounter any evil spirits when you visited the Tunnel of Death or the Gates of Hell? Also, do you believe the sightings of trolls in and around Loveland are nothing more than people misidentifying the Loveland Frog or are they encountering a new crypid?”

God, I love my fans!

I also took a list of all the authors scheduled to appear and this event looks to be filled with literary heavy hitters, so I’m thinking of wearing a monocle to the Festival just to try to fit in a bit more. I’ll probably leave the top hat and cane at home, though, for fear that people might take one look at my grossly misshapen body and mistake me for Mr. Peanut.


Either way, looking forward to seeing everyone on May 10th. Let your strange and spooky flags fly!

As a reminder, I will have copies of my most popular books for sale at the Festival:

For more information on the Ohioana Book Festival, click here.

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