Final Specifics On The Ohioana Book Festival


OK, so I’ve finally got all the specifics about this Saturday’s Ohioana Book Festival.

The entire Festival is free and runs from 10:00 am until 4:30 pm, although I am hearing rumors the doors might open up at 9:45. Not sure if that’s because they’re anticipating a crowd or what. Either way, all of the authors, myself included, will be at their tables with their books for the entire day, unless they are taking part in any of the many author panels during the day.

The Author Panel I will be taking part in will be held in Room 108 from 12:45 pm until 1:30 pm and is entitled Around The Buckeye State: Ohio Stories. For the record, I had nothing to do with the name and, to be honest, it has to be one of the lamest descriptions of any panel I’ve ever been associated with. But given that the other authors on the panel have written books about things like the old Ohio State Pen, lost treasure, murder, and even bratwurst, I think I can pretty much guarantee a fun time will be had by all!

After the author panel (and before, too), I’ll be standing patiently behind my mountain of books at table #36, waiting to meet all of you. I can’t be sure, but by the looks of the map they provided me, it looks like my table is down an alleyway or something. Seems appropriate for me, though! Either way, I promise I’ll be there, so if you don’t see me at first, just look for the dark alley. That’s where I’ll be lurking!

I’m planning on bringing a few items from my Strange & Spooky Museum along for people to take a peek at. No promises, though, as they are telling me everything has to fit on my table, along with the books. Authors are also sharing tables, so I might not have the real estate to display everything. Worst case, I keep the stuff in the trunk of my car and show people after the Festival’s over. Besides, it’s creepier that way, right?

Hope to see you all Saturday!

Go here if you want to download a copy of the Festival’s program, which features all of authors who will be there, where they’ll be sitting, and a complete schedule of events.

Just want to peek at all the authors who will be in attendance? Go here.


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