A Mysterious Envelope From The Bat Cave

Ever since the recent debacle at the DeBord Halloween Festival (and the subsequent breaking of my daughter’s heart), I have been literally overwhelmed by the outpouring of Bat-Love from friends, family, and even total strangers. Support for Courtney has come from everywhere…well, with the exception of anyone associated with the DeBord Halloween Festival. Haven’t heard anything from them. Sad, really.

Anyway, I will be posting all of the items and kind words that have been sent Courtney’s way, but I wanted to take a moment and share with all of you the coolest thing, by far, that Courtney received. So grab a couple of tissues and read on.

It all started with a very official-looking envelope showing up in our mailbox, addressed to Courtney. But this was no ordinary envelope, as you can see from the pic below. No, this an official Bat-Envelope that clearly originated from the infamous Bat Cave in Gotham City!


Inside was a letter on official Batman stationary, addressed to Courtney and written by the Caped Crusader himself! Courtney followed along while I read the letter out loud to her.


Here’s what the letter said:

From the Desk of Batman
My Dear Courtney,
I am so sorry that I could not make it to the festival this past weekend. I had planned to be there so that I could meet all my wonderful “Bat-fans” just like you! Unfortunately, The Joker, Penguin and Catwoman were up to no good, and Commissioner Gordon called Robin and I on the “Bat-Phone” to come and help. I would have much rather gotten to come see you!
I am not sure when I will get to meet you (hopefully very soon), but I have something that I want you to have. This is a secret badge that makes you a “Charter Member” of the Batman & Robin Society. Being a “charter member” means you are one of the very first members of our little club. These are very special and unique badges that you’ll want to keep somewhere safe. I only give these to my biggest fans, and from what I hear you are the biggest fan that I have!
I wish I could have seen you at the festival but I’m sure that I’ll get to see you very soon! Until then, keep watching at the same Bat-time on the same Bat-channel!
Your friend,


(Are your eyes getting all misty yet?)

After we had finished reading the letter together, Courtney reached into the envelope and sure enough, there was an official (and vintage-looking) button, proclaiming the holder an official Charter Member in the Batman & Robin Society.


It was right around this time that Courtney asked me why I was crying. After telling her I wasn’t crying and that it was just my allergies acting up, Courtney asked if she could wear the button. Silly question, right?


If you take another glance at that last picture, you can get a pretty good idea of what Courtney looked like for the next few days after she received her button. Only her outfits changed. Her smile, and the placement of the button, remained the same. Steph and I literally had to force her to take the button off when she went to bed at night. First thing she wanted when she woke up and got dressed was for us to pin the button on her.

The problem was that the button was so big (and Courtney is so….mobile), that it started to rip her shirts. So we told Courtney she needed to find a special place to keep it. She chose to put it on her bulletin board, which is reserved for her most treasured photos of family and friends, along with her gymnastics ribbons.

Sorry for the weird crop, but Courtney keeps pictures of her classmates on her board and I didn’t want to keep those visible. Plus, this way, you get to see what other Bat-memorabilia Courtney hangs on her walls.

The button remains on that bulletin board to this day. And now, whenever we have guests over to our house for the first time, Courtney has added a new addition to the tour: she takes them upstairs to show them her button “my friend, Batman gave me because he couldn’t come see me at the festival.”

OK, you can put the tissues down now.

Now, I know it would be breaking all sorts of superhero codes, bylaws, and rules if I were to reveal the sender’s true identity. But I also think I know my readers and fan base well enough to realize that you guys would keep the secret safe. And let’s face it, this person needs to be thanked. So I’ll embed a link to his site for you guys to click on and let him know yourselves what a good person he is.

You see, this person had absolutely nothing to do with the DeBord Halloween Festival and even less to do with what happened to Courtney. He was an innocent bystander who heard about a little 4-year-old’s sadness and decided to do something about it. In my eyes, you don’t get much more superhero than that.

So sleep well tonight, my dear Bat Gillig. You’ve not only helped mend a young girl’s heart, but your Karma Bank is now officially overflowing.









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