Ohio Suspect Attempts To Elude Police By Driving To Prison

According to The Toledo Blade, in the early morning hours of Wednesday, January 21st, police attempted to make a traffic stop on a vehicle as it approached the intersection of Ash Street and Stickney Avenue in Toledo. Rather than pull over, the driver, 33-year-old Jason Davis, instead decided to take off and attempt to outrun the patrol car. The chase was on!

As he drove down Central Avenue, police in pursuit, Davis made a move that, while it might not have been part of his unofficial escape plan, will certainly cause him to spend the rest of his days in infamy: he drove into the parking lot of the Toledo Correctional Institution.

But to be honest, he didn’t just drive in. Rather, Davis was so insistent to get into the prison, that he crashed through a closed gate. Once in the parking lot, Davis attempted to elude police by driving onto the prison’s internal driveway, which is basically a giant loop around the walls of the prison. Police simply waited patiently for Davis to complete his roundabout tour of the prison.  When he returned to the parking lot, police deployed Stop Sticks and brought the chase to a close.

Jason Davis, a man who clearly needs to update his GPS — via NY Daily News

Davis was arrested and is scheduled to be arraigned in Toledo Municipal Court today (Thursday the 22nd). He is charged with two counts of vandalism of government property, failure to comply, possession of drugs, resisting arrest, obstructing official business, drug paraphernalia, and failure to stop at a stop sign. Oh yeah, and not using a turn signal.

No word if Davis had time to pick out a cell while he was on his private tour of the prison.

You can read the entire report from The Toledo Blade here.

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