Ghost Of A Dirty Windshield Reported At Ohio’s Randall Park Mall

I love it when people send me ghost photos and videos to check out (with the exception of the videos where things jump out and scream at you–those just piss me off). But when one of my fellow bloggers passed along this bit of “news” for me to weigh in on, I found myself just shaking my head.

ABC 5 out of Cleveland recently ran a photo that was submitted to them by a gentleman who was out with some people checking out the abandoned (and currently being demolished) Randall Park Mall. According to the person who e-mailed the photo, when it was taken by his “girlfriend’s cousin”, they didn’t notice anything strange. That all changed when they got home and re-examined the photo. That’s when they found the image of a “ghostly figure” floating in the corner.

“Oooooohhhhhh, I’m a smudgy ghost, arriving too late for ghostly bargains at the mall. Clearly, I should have consulted the mall hours before getting in my ghostly car and driving all this way for nothing. Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh!” –Via newsnet5

Now, I could take the professional route and go on and on about how I’ve been investigating reported hauntings in Ohio since 1999 and don’t have a single reference to a ghost ever being anywhere near the Randall Park Mall. But what’s the point? The “ghostly figure” is clearly just a smudge on the windshield. In fact, the entire photo is filled with all sorts of smudges and possibly even some reflections off the glass. And let’s be honest here: If you really didn’t see anything when you were taking this picture, then what the heck were you taking a picture of in the first place? Put another way, why is the picture crooked…other than to make the “ghost” appear to be “rising” as opposed to doing a swan dive?

As to what caused the smudge, I’m not sure about that. But if I had to guess, I’m going to go with the ever-popular “bird poop”. And if that’s the case, in my “expert” opinion, these guys missed a golden opportunity. Rather than calling it a ghost, they should have admitted it was bird poop, but said it was “holy sh*t”. That, ladies, and gentlemen, is clearly news!

You can read the entire Newsnet5 article by clicking here.


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