Ohio’s Historic Haunts: Name That Location #1

Well, the page proofs for my upcoming book, Ohio’s Historic Haunts, are finally here! And I figured a fun way to give everyone a sneak peek at what’s to come would be to “leak” some actual photos from the book and see if you guys can guess the location!

Some of the locations are instantly recognizable, so in those cases, I’ll probably crop the photos a bit just to make it a bit harder for you to guess. And after I’ve let you all scratch your heads for a while, I’ll post the answer, along with a brief description of the location and maybe, just maybe, a couple of hints as to what happened when I spent the night inside the place.

So here you go: your first test. This photo will appear on page 38 of Ohio’s Historic Haunts. Name the location! Feel free to post your answer below…or just scream it real loud at your computer screen. Either way, good luck!

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