Ohio’s Historic Haunts: Name That Location #3

I figured a nice way to slide on into the July 4th weekend would be with another Name That Location!

If you just stumbled upon this page and have no idea what all the fuss is about Ohio’s Historic Haunts, let me get you up to speed. It’s my new book that’s slated to come out this fall. To give everyone some nice little teasers, I’m posting photos of the locations covered in the book, asking people to guess where the picture was taken. When I think the suspense has gotten to be too much, I’ll post the answer and some inside scoop on what happened at the location during the writing of the book.

You can check out the other two Name That Location photos here and here.

As for Location #3, all I’m telling you at this point is that it will appear on page 229 of Ohio’s Historic Haunts. Care to guess the location?

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