Ohio’s Historic Haunts: Location #3 Revealed!

OK, one last peek before I tell you there this picture was taken:

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It’s the Loveland Castle!

Those of you not familiar with the Loveland Castle, click here right now because it is one of the most amazing structures you’ll ever set your eyes upon! Go ahead, click away…just come back!

Exterior of Loveland Castle

Not sure what else I can say about Loveland Castle that hasn’t been said already, except the fact that as soon as I started kicking around ideas for Ohio’s Historic Haunts, I knew I wanted Loveland Castle to be part of the book.

Simply put, the idea that one man, Harry Andrews, spent close to 50 years building a multi-storied castle by hand was something that needed to be shared with the world. That’s right; Loveland Castle was essentially created by one man. Oh yeah, and he would pull all the rocks for his castle out of the river himself!

Of course, rumors that the place is haunted didn’t hurt, either. Since he spent decades working on (and living in) the Castle, most just assume Harry Andrews would be one of the ghosts hanging around. And some believe he is. But what I found fascinating was the discovery that Harry himself claimed to have encountered a ghost on numerous occasions inside the Castle. There are also reports of a ghostly woman in white who floats above the portion of the Little Miami River that runs in front of the Castle. You heard me right; she floats above the water!

So did anything happen to me while I was at Loveland Castle during the writing of Ohio’s Historic Haunts? Yes! Here’s the weird part: It happened even before my investigation began. In fact, it was during the initial interviews. Oh yeah, and we got it on audio, too!

What was it? Well, you’ll just have a grab a copy of Ohio’s Historic Haunts to find out! And if you really want the inside scoop, have a look at my Schedule of Appearances because I just might be playing the Loveland Castle audio at some of my presentations!

Closeup of Loveland Castle


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Want to see Loveland Castle for yourself? It’s open to the public, so check our their hours of operation (and other cool stuff) here.

Preorder (or order, depending on when you’re reading this) your copy of Ohio’s Historic Haunts right here.

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