First Glimpse Of Cover For Ohio’s Historic Haunts

After two and a half years’ worth of research (and many months of writing, re-writing, and transcribing interviews), my next book, Ohio’s Historic Haunts, finally has an official cover:


Now I know some of you might be thinking “nice, but it’s just a cover.” My response to that is “yeah, but just you wait.” While that might just be a cover, it’s a cover for over 300 pages of history, first-person accounts of paranormal activity, and in-depth discussions on what happened when I spent the night inside 21 historically significant buildings in Ohio that are reportedly haunted. Trust me: if you have any interest in Ohio history, folklore, and/or ghost hunting, you’re gonna want to read this book.

Pre-order your copy through Amazon here or directly through Kent State University Press here. And if you want even more inside scoop on the book, click on over to My Appearances to see when I’ll be coming to your area to share some spooky video, photos, and audio clips with you!

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