The Haunted Book

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One of the questions I get asked most often by people viewing parts of my Strange & Spooky Museum is: “Are any of these things haunted?”

To be honest, while there are quite a few items in my collection that are alleged to be haunted, I can’t proclaim any of them as “haunted” for the simple reason that I’ve never experienced anything out of the ordinary with any of them. Still, they have been acquired from people who honestly believed that there was something strange going on with the items. And these items aren’t always the stereotypical spooky-looking amulets and voodoo dolls. Case in point, this rather unassuming book, which I acquired in late 2015.


This book came to me via a member of The Ghosts of Ohio, who was given it by a man who wanted to get the book out of his house and knew The Ghosts of Ohio “dealt with this kind of stuff.”

The original owner was given the book as a gift. Even before he started reading it, he said he began to get an uneasy feeling whenever the book was around. Once he started reading it, however, those feelings got so intense that he quickly became convinced there was a spirit attached to the book. He was unable to finish even a single chapter before he decided he needed the book gone.

Since the book has been in my possession, I must admit that I have not experienced anything out of the ordinary. I even left 2 EMFs and a K-II meter beside the book all night, with a video camera running, and none of the meters budged. BTW, I did actually read the book and found it to be rather good!

But does that mean the book no longer has a spirit attached to it? That’s hard to say, which is the reason that in 2016, I’ll start bringing this book along to some of my presentations for you guys to see. Maybe the ghost just doesn’t like me and is looking for someone else to hang out with!

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