Strange & Spooky Side Of Abraham Lincoln Presentation Has Been Rescheduled


Illustration depicting alleged event where spirits lifted a piano off the ground while several men sat atop it, including President Lincoln

The ice and snow earlier this week forced us to postpone the free presentation in Steubenville. But we’re back on track and there’s a new date!

That new date is Monday, March 7th at 6:00 pm. The presentation will be held at the Steubenville-Schiappa Branch Library, which is located at 4141 Mall Drive in Steubenville.

The good news is that I now have a few more weeks to cram even more strange and spooky stuff about Abraham Lincoln into my presentation. So expect to hear all sorts of things about ghosts, seances, eerie premonitions, and even attempted body snatching when you come out to the library on March 7th.

Here’s even better news: While the original presentation was fully booked and even had a waiting list, there are a few seats left for the March 7th date. They will go fast, though, so call (740) 264-6166 and reserve your free seats before they are all gone!

More information about the presentation can be found by visiting the library’s web site, here.


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