Seeking Info On Two Possible Ohio Crybaby Bridges

Not sure why (and I’m certainly not complaining), but the Ohio Crybaby Bridge Project has been getting a lot of traffic lately. Lots of people sharing their personal experiences, too, which is fantastic and will really help us build up not only the individual stories, but the timelines associated with each bridge…once I get all the stories up, that is.

Regardless, while most of the stories are related to bridges I already have in the database, two new ones have popped up. So needless to say, I’m very interested in talking with people who have any additional information about these bridges, especially if you visited them! Here’s what I have so far on the two bridges in question:

Jacoby Road (Greene County)
Fascinated by this one because based on information a reader, Lori A. Lotts, provided, this bridge, while no longer in existence, may be responsible for the origins of the Hyde Road Crybaby Bridge. The two locations are certainly close enough to each other that after the Jacoby bridge was demolished, the story migrated down the street.

Currently, while I do have passing references to the Jacoby Road bridge being “haunted”, there’s nothing that definitively places a Crybaby Bridge tale here.

Sabina, Ohio (or “close to the Greene County border”)
Very little to go on at this point: Just a reference to there being a Crybaby Bridge here–no mention of a street name or type of bridge involved. And as a reader pointed out, Sabina is in Clinton County, so if we’re talking about the same bridge here, it would stand to reason that the bridge is either in Sabina or else outside the village limits and closer to the county border.

So what sayeth you? Do you have anything you can add to validate or disprove these locations as being Crybaby Bridges? If you do, I want to hear from you! You can reply in the Comments section below or e-mail me.

Either way, if something you share makes it into the database and onto this site, you’ll receive full credit, making you the envy of your neighborhood!



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  1. As a child I grew up hearing the crybaby bridge stories related to the bridge at what was Coffin Pike and Snyder Domer Rd. 50 plus years ago.

  2. Hello I also have been researching the crybaby bridge..Its almost an urban legend, everybody has heard of it or had an experience. If you ask 50 different people they will give you 50 different locations! But the one I keep going back to is the one in egypt valley road.. I have heard more reports from there then any other crybaby bridge.. Any ways I hope this helps, and good luck! Keep up the good work

      1. Sorry, I should have been more concise. The emails I have been getting say the bridge is in Sabina or NEAR the Greene County border (told you they info I got was vague). Regardless, I’ll make that change right now to clarify things. Thanks for catching that!

  3. The crybaby bridge nw of Sabina has a story. There was a house that burnt down right at the bridge in the late 60s early 70s. Two children perished in the fire. The family’s name was Drake. They still live around Sabina for the most part. This much is true.

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