The Haunted School Desk

You’d think that with all the years I’ve spent collecting strange and spooky stuff, I’d have more than my fair share of haunted school desks. Nope. That’s why I had to jump on this beauty when I saw it, especially since it comes from not one but two allegedly haunted schools!


You see, recently The Ghosts Of Ohio and I were spending the night locked inside South Main School in Bowling Green, Ohio on a private ghost hunt. That’s where I found the desk. Imagine my surprise to find that the desk had recently been moved to the school from another allegedly haunted elementary school, the Lyme School in East Bellevue, Ohio. At that point, I knew it had to be mine!

At present time, the desk is sitting quietly amongst all my other strange and spooky museum items. No paranormal activity to report yet, but it’s still early and I’ve yet to run any experiments on it (or even simply leave an EMF on it). But time will tell.

I’ll keep everyone posted if strange stuff starts happening. And if you’re ever attending a soirée at Willis Woods, just ask and I’ll be more than happy to show you the haunted desk. I may even let you sit in it…if you dare!


2 Thoughts

    1. Just some initial tests–it doesn’t have any weird EMF and/or temperature fluctuations at any time and no responses when I try to “communicate” with anything that might be attached to the desk. Truth be told, I think ghosts are afraid of me (or just don’t like me) because every alleged “haunted” item I bring into my house suddenly goes quiet. ; )

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