UFOs Over Ohio!

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Since yesterday was July 4th (or as I like to call it, Independence Day*), most of us spent the evening watching bright lights going up into the sky. I was out there, too, although I was looking for lights that might be coming DOWN from the sky!

That’s because, for those of you in the Buckeye State, I’m getting ready to take a brand new presentation on the road: UFOs Over Ohio!

What’s it all about? Well, let’s took a look at the press release for a description:

Strange crafts seen emerging from the icy waters of Lake Erie. Reports of odd lights dancing across the skies of southern Ohio. A helicopter initiating a “power descent” to avoid colliding with a UFO in the skies above Mansfield. County sheriffs chasing an unknown craft over 80 miles across Ohio.

Just what is going on in the Buckeye state? Find out when James A. Willis, author & paranormal researcher, presents Ohio’s most infamous UFO cases.

The first presentation, which is free and open to the public, is Saturday, July 13th at the Main Branch of the Lorain Public Library. Preregistration is required, so click here to snag your free seats!

For additional presentation dates, check out the 2019 Appearance page of this site. Or if you’re not in the mood for scrolling, just click here.

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